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[Dec 18th, 2005]

Different icons from Tokyo mew Mew, Sailor Moon, and more.

(Why would you call me fake?)
shoujo lover?

Icons! [Nov 6th, 2005]

31 Multi-fandom icons...

(Somwhere, over a PSP-induced rainbow...)
shoujo lover?

[Aug 30th, 2005]


Two new affiliates!!!!

anime_scans and mshoujoicontest

3 » shoujo lover?

Love me knight - Kiss me Licia - Episode 1 caps. [Aug 25th, 2005]



Love me knight  47 screencap from the first episode. 
All the images are 352x288 and very high quality.

I hope you enjoy them!


SAMPLE...Collapse )
shoujo lover?

[Aug 24th, 2005]

Welcome to anime-shoujo!
this is the community for all the shoujo lovers! You can post your shoujo icons, request a screen cap e talk about your favourite shoujo anime ^__^ Every updated I'll try to upload screen cap from my personal collection of DVD of shujo anime and my icons creation I hope you enjoy this community...
shoujo lover?

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